1. How does this thing work?
    • Once every 15 minutes, our server scans each state we monitor. The scan looks for markers within a specific page that displays the flag status. When a half staff marker is identified, we then compare that status to our database, if it doesn't match our current status, we send out notification emails, and update the status.
  2. Why haven't I received my notification even though the state website says the flag should be raised at a certain time?
    • Our notifications rely on those markers mentioned above. If your state's website still says flags should be at half staff, you will not receive the full staff notice.  We rely on the state to change their status.  We do not scan the text for an ending date/time, as they can be worded in as many variations as imaginable.  This is a program scanning the sites, not a person.   :)
  3. My state's site never seems to change back to full staff on time, what can I do?
    • Rely on FlagNotify to tell you when to put your flag at half staff, then use the link in the email (or on our main page) to read the half staff reason, if the explanation from your state has an end time, note that and raise your flag at the appropriate time. 
  4. Why don't I receive the confirmation email to sign up? (I'm having trouble signing up.)
    • Many email systems have spam filters in them that do more damage than good (classifying legitimate email as spam).  legitimate email as spam). 
      The email spam situation on the internet is truely troublesome, and hinders the utility of sites like this one.

      If you are having trouble signing up for our service, we recommend trying the following tips to resolve the issue.

      Your confirmation email from us might ge going to your spam folder.:
      With all the spam these days, it may be hard to find a legitimate email within your spam folder.  Follow these steps:
      • Before you sign up, add alert@flagnotify.com to your contact list.
        • This should prevent our emails from being delivered to your spam folder.
        • Your mail service might call it "safe senders list" or something to that effect.
      • Empty your spam folder.
        • This will make it easier to locate our email if it is delivered to your spam folder.
        • If it is delivered to your spam folder, be sure to click "not spam" (or equivelant) to prevent this in the future.
      • Sign up for your notification services.
      • Open our Subscription Confirmation email.
      • Click on the activation link to start your notification services.